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Fishing Excursions

For the fishing fanatics among our guests we organise sport fishing excursions by boat on the Ionian and Adriatic sea.

Depending on the weather conditions and eventual special requests of the guests, each excursion can be custom made. In the waters surrounding Salento you can fish on Tuna, Cod, Scorpion Fish, White Bream, Snapper, Greater Amberjack, Grouper and many others. Closer to the coast you can catch for instance Octopus and Sea Urchin.

A standard excursion includes:

  • Departure by boat from the marina of Torre Pali;
  • Guide;
  • Equipment and licences;
  • 6 hours of fishing (approximately from 7.00 until 13.00), or 12 hours of fishing (approximately from 7.00 until 18.00)
  • Snacks, sandwiches and drinks


  • Prices are based on the specific requirements of the guests. Max number of participants: 6 persons.

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